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Our Approach



Unlike some clinics, we don’t engage in practices to inflate our success rates here at the Interior Women's Health, and we will have an open discussion with you about every detail of your care. If we believe that you can have a biological child, even if it takes multiple cycles, we will generally approve you for in vitro fertilization (IVF).

We would never tell a couple that they don’t qualify simply because it may be a challenge. Our willingness to take on difficult cases is why thousands of couples, both inside and outside Fairbanks, have chosen us for their fertility care.

Early Pregnancy


As a patient of Interior Women's Health, you'll have access to the best in prenatal obstetrical care in the Fairbanks area. We'll schedule routine check-ups to ensure that the pregnancy process is going smoothly and stress free. We'll track the progress of you and your baby and provide you with a range of tests to make sure everything is going according to plan.

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As the time for the arrival of your child draws near, we'll provide you with information about Fairbanks-area childbirth classes and groups that will help you prepare for the arrival of your new bundle of joy. Also, during the course of your appointments and visits with us, we'll discuss a variety of childbirth options with you, so that you can experience the miracle of childbirth in a way that's the most comfortable and meaningful for you.






Once the baby arrives, we'll provide follow-up postnatal care services for you both in the hospital and at our Fairbanks office, which includes physical and psychological assessments to make sure that you're in the best shape possible to take care of your new baby. We'll provide you with helpful information, expert advice, and of course will be available should you have any questions once you and your baby arrive at home. Our obstetrical care team will always be here to ensure that you and your new baby are well taken care of.


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